The Role of Public Libraries in Glasgow Communities in the 21st Century

  • Buchanan, Steven (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research - Studentship

Project Details


This studentship will investigate the public library (PL) role in supporting, empowering, enriching and connecting individuals, groups, and communities in the cultural context. The studentship will bring together theories and models of information behaviour with theories of cultural capital to better understand the PL role in developing the cultural competencies of individuals, and stimulating community engagement and cultural citizenship.

Layman's description

This studentship will provide important empirical evidence of the key societal community role of public libraries, particularly in disadvantaged circumstances.
Effective start/end date1/10/1530/09/18


  • AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council): £57,597.00
  • Glasgow Life: £3,000.00


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