The Impact of the Scot SKIP programme on the Fundamental Movement Skills of Scottish Preschool Children

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Scot Skip is a based on the work of Dr. Jacqueline Goodway. The programme is called Successful Kinesthetic Instruction for Preschoolers (SKIP).
The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a 9 week Scot Skip Skill Programme, delivered by Early Years Practitioners, on the FMS of Preschool children in 4 Settings, based in 3 of Glasgow’s most deprived areas. The Scot Skip programme will attempt to increase physical activity and address MDD through the implementation of the SKIP programme. The SKIP curriculum will be modified to suit local conditions in Scotland and will draw on lessons learned within the USA in the hope of securing the necessary data to inform Scottish policy & practice.
This study will pull on involvement of University Staff and Primary Education Students to gather & analyse evidence relating to Motor Competence, Perceived Motor Competence, and the Physical Activity of Scottish Preschool Children.
StatusNot started


  • Pyshical Activity
  • Fundemantal Motor Skills
  • developmental delay
  • Physcical Literacy
  • Attainment Gap


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