The Future of Teaching EU Law in Scottish Law Schools post-Brexit

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This one-day workshop, funded by the Society of Legal Scholars, discusses the impact of Brexit on the Scots Law curriculum and, in particular, on the future of EU law teaching in Scottish Law Schools. The workshop has a strong regional focus and involvement. It brings together academics from all seven Scottish Law Schools involved in teaching core EU law classes; legal practitioners from the largest Scottish law firms; the Law Society of Scotland; Universities Scotland; and, representatives from publishers in order to consider curriculum reform after Brexit. The workshop is organised by Professor Nicole Busby and Dr Rebecca Zahn in collaboration with the Scottish Universities Legal Network on Europe (SULNE). SULNE was formed following the UK’s EU referendum to provide a one-stop shop for legal advice, opinion and education for all stakeholders who are engaged in difficult policy choices concerning Brexit. SULNE is led by a team from the Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Edinburgh consisting of: Prof. Jo Shaw, Prof. Noreen Burrows, Prof. Nicole Busby, Ms Maria Fletcher, Dr Rebecca Zahn and Dr Tobias Lock. Representatives from Scotland’s law schools are represented on a steering committee.
Effective start/end date1/05/1731/08/17


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