Sustainable Development or Hostile Environment? The United Nations Global Goals and Migrants in Scotland.

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The programme investigates the entrenched interconnectedness between migration and the UN Global Goals (GGs). Research shows that all sustainable development goals (SDGs) must account for migrants as both contributors and beneficiaries. The interconnectedness between migration and the GGs brings to the fore the interrelated nature of the SDGs. The recognition and promotion of this interconnectedness is thus critical to accelerating progress towards the GGs. Yet the persisting problematising of migration and migrants frustrates their integration in the SDGs and ensuing advancement of the GGs.
Scotland has been wielding its hospitality as a shield against the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ and the Scottish Government has committed to the inclusive ethos of the GGs. On the face of it, Scotland is thus well-equipped to construct a hospitable environment that promotes the interconnectedness between migration and the GGs and the latter’s speedier implementation to the benefit of all in Scotland.
This project tests Scotland’s (in)hospitality to illuminate the interconnectedness between migration and the GGs to accelerate their realisation in Scotland and making it a champion of their advancement worldwide.
The project deploys an innovative interpretative framework that brings together Law and Literature as well as Forum Theatre to give a voice to migrants in the reimagining of a hospitable nation which puts migrants and citizens at the heart of a sustainable future.
The programme will consist of events and activities that engage with migrants and multi-sector actors to explore the role of hospitality in furthering the interconnectedness between migration and the GGs across SDGs.


A funding application was submitted to the Scottish University Insight Institute in November 2019. The application was unsuccessful - decision of 17 December 2019.
StatusNot started


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