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Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

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West Dunbartonshire Council – six training sessions and support visits to develop play within the early years.
South Lanarkshire Council – seven training sessions followed by support visits to develop, support the development of play.
South Lanarkshire Council- five training sessions to support staff to extend play within the setting. Focus on management and implementation.
Renfrewshire Council – Graduates training to develop an enriching environment and experience for all children. Focus on mechanics of a learning environment and autonomy.
Renfrewshire Council – Play Beyond P1 five sessions to examine the implementation of play in the upper primary school. Focus on the child as a planner and taking responsibility within the setting.
Renfrewshire Council - Play P1-3 exploring the progression for children and the role fo the adult in supporting play. Examples of enquiry learning shared.
Argyll and Bute- Play Pedagogy ELCC-P2 implementing a new training programme for staff to develop play through observation and documentation.

Layman's description

Support visits to develop Play Pedagogy linked to training
StatusNot started


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