Student Transitions through and/or beyond Strathclyde (to progress the QAA Student Transitions Enhancement Theme within Strathclyde). Transition to employment-Alumni stories about dyslexia from the Civil Engineering and Law disciplines.

Project: Internally funded project

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The proposed pilot project seeks to establish a benchmark for examining student transition to graduate (Alumni) employment with a particular focus on graduates with disabilities. For the pilot project we will focus exclusively on recent Alumni (up to 7 years post-graduation) in the civil engineering and law disciplines, who have dyslexia. Five graduates from each discipline will be targeted for interview and the primary data will be captured using a critical incident storytelling methodology. These life stories will chart the landscape through the student transition from university to (and through) employment and will seek to uncover rich personal testimonies that document the opportunities and barriers faced by Alumni with dyslexia. The output will inform academia and employers about the relationship between graduate attributes and equality and diversity issues.
Effective start/end date3/04/171/08/17


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