Strategizing creativity in the age of AI: A qualitative exploration

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This project is part of a sabbatical work undertaken in Hungary with the support of the Senior Fellowship Grant awarded by the Corvinus University of Budapest, Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies, Hungary, The amount of the funding is €35,420 .

Project 1: AI Strategy and Strategic AI. Conceptual work about bringing AI into the mainstream strategy, adopting a process view.

Project 2: Exploring experiences of AI implementation.

Project 3: The Michelin-drive – participant ethnography. An exploratory study of restaurants that have been recently awarded a new Michelin star; trying to understand the strategizing of creativity in these haute cuisine restaurants.

Layman's description

The outcome of the whole research program will be a gamechanger in the how strategy is taught in business schools, which is the top ranked area of executive education rivaled only by leadership, to which it is closely linked. The new strategizing will not be an adjustment but a fundamentally new way of seeing markets, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and human behavior. Furthermore, it will also contribute to a better understanding of what makes AI implementations successful, which can help to dramatically increase the success rate. The research outputs will be published in top-tier journals; I expect at least two D1 journal papers short term, and long term at least a dozen articles in Q1/D1 outlets. For me personally, the practitioner side of working with AI and the scholarly side of studying human mastery came together in the realm of strategizing; this synthesis will be completed in this research program, which will then lead me to establish an institute for studying AI and cognition. My hope is that based on my work in Hungary BCE will be my partner institute.
Short titleStrategizing creativity in the age of AI
Effective start/end date1/09/2330/06/24


  • creativity
  • artificial intelligence
  • strategizing


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