SPRINT: SuPer-Resolution time-resolved ImagiNg and specTroscopy for rapid biomolecular analysis

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Localising molecules in three dimensions and understanding the dynamics of their interactions is a crucial enabling technology for many areas of research. There are many methods available for quantifying biomolecular interactions, but they are mostly in vitro and unable to describe realistic molecular behaviours in their natural environments.
The analysis of biomolecular interactions in vivo has traditionally used confocal fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. However, molecular interactions mostly occur within a diffraction-limited region (<< 250nm = 0.00025 mm), and therefore traditional confocal imaging systems do not provide the required resolution to allow a detailed interrogation of the spatial-temporal dynamics of biomolecular interactions.
To overcome these limitations, we are seeking to implement a SuPer-Resolution time-resolved ImagiNg and specTroscopy (SPRINT) system to support the research needs of a broad user base at the University of Strathclyde and other groups based in the West of Scotland. This system supports 1) stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy, 2) fluorescence lifetime imaging with Förster resonance energy transfer (FLIM-FRET), and 3) fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) to enable the direct visualisation of nanoscale spatiotemporal dynamics of molecular interactions in living cells in real-time.

The specific objectives of this equipment bid are:
1. Establish a super-resolution (< 50nm) time-resolved (< 10ps) imaging and spectroscopy centre SPRINT at the University of Strathclyde that will support established UKRI researchers across Scotland and the North of England.
2. Enhance and extend UK capacity and sustainability in the areas of bio- and analytical chemistry - providing an enabling imaging and spectroscopy platform along with training, and broad access to the UK academic community.
3. Engage with the UK academic community, providing access, expertise and training to offer super-resolution time- resolved measurements.
4. Add to the critical mass of expertise in super-resolution imaging and spectroscopy analysis in the UK.
Short titleSPRINT
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