S.O.L Spaces of Labour - Re-Imagining a productive landscape for Scotland

  • Charley, Jonathan (Academic)

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A public exhibition and catalogue that was shown at the Lghthouse and Highland Housing fair and which attracted considerable media interest form the BBC and Scottish Press

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Emerging out of the Advanced Architectural Design course at the University of Strathclyde, and continuing themes explored by G.L.A.S (Glasgow Letters on Architecture and Space, 2001-2005) and B.I.S.S (Bartlett International Summer School 1979-1994), this publicly funded exhibition and catalogue that showed in Glasgow and at the Highland Housing fair in Inverness and was reported on by the BBC and Scotsman set out to reinvigorate a debate on how we value old industrial landscapes and places of work at the same time as speculating on new forms of productive landscape appropriate to Scotland in the 21st century. The project looked at the remains of the coal and fishing industry, imaginary new productive landscapes devoted to energy and textile production and innovative uses for slat and waste paper.
Short titleSpaces of Labour
Effective start/end date20/04/0420/10/10


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