Social Media and the New Frontier: Examining the role of AR in Social Media

  • McLean, Graeme (Principal Investigator)
  • Barhorst, Jennifer (Co-investigator)

Project: Research

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Social Media has become a cornerstone of marketing in recent years. The proliferation of social media use has exceeded that of any other media. Reflecting the hype of social media, augmented reality has emerged as a technology that may be an important component of a marketers toolkit. Conceptualisations on the benefits of augmented reality has been widespread with some commentators claiming the technology to be the most disruptive in the next decade. Similar tones are sounding regarding augmented reality as there were with social media in 2005. Such hype has seen brands jump into augmented reality in the hope that consumers will adopt and use the technology with beneficial marketing outcomes. Many similar parallels can be drawn between social media and augmented reality, none more so than the facilitating role of the mobile device.

However, limited research has considered the power of the combination of social media and augmented reality. This project aims to uncover the role of augmented reality in developing interesting and engaging content that consumers are likely to share. Recently some brands have taken to social media such as Snapchat to develop shareable AR filters with friends. Accordingly, this research project will assess the influence AR has on positive eWOM, direct sharing, purchase intentions and perceptions towards the brand.
Effective start/end date4/11/19 → …


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