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This project is the flagship challenge project between UK-China in their first ever joint science and technology innovation flagship challenge programme. In its first year of joint innovation, both countries agreed to collaborate in agricultural technologies. The project is a pilot funded by InnovateUK through Agri-EPI.

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The SmartFarm Philosophy is a new holistic and systematic approach to addressing the global food production challenge by gaining an insightful understanding of food production systems and developing suitable technologies to enable the knowledge-based interventions. The SmartFarm Philosophy is initiated and designed to improve significantly the conversion of inputs such as nutrients and energy into high quality food in a sustainable manner. The key to this is the holistic understanding and creation of an efficient food production system of distributed crop and livestock systems. This approach will create a greater understanding of whole food supply chain efficiency and better integration of these systems, generate long-term positive environmental impact and deliver greater food security. The Philosophy brings long-term purpose, and environmental stewardship to the entire agri-food system. The SmartFarm can hence potentially transform the food production in future, enabled by smart technologies for increased yields, reduced usage of chemicals and improved food quality.

Short titleSmartFarm: A Holistic Philosophy for UK-China Agritech Collaboration
Effective start/end date2/04/1830/09/19


  • Agri-EPI Centre Limited


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