Robotic Ultrasonic System for In-situ Residual Stress Measurement in Metal ‎Additive Manufacturing

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Residual Stress (RS) in engineering components yields unexpected and dangerous structural ‎failures, and thus ‎represents a significant challenge to quality assurance in both welding and metal ‎Additive Manufacturing ‎‎(AM) processes. As automation in welding and AM becomes increasingly ‎prevalent in the Industry 4.0 ‎manufacturing paradigm, so the importance of quantifying RS will ‎grow. In this PhD project, a novel robotic ‎ultrasonic approach to measuring such RS, in-situ, will be developed using the Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing ‎‎(PAUT) system, to automate the deployment of the ‎measurement in manufacturing applications. For the first ‎time, it will allow truly in-situ ‎measurements of RS to be undertaken at the elevated temperatures associated ‎with welding and ‎metal AM manufacture. The ambition is to use this in-situ measurement system for safety-‎critical and Industry 4.0 applications, through 5G wireless integration of the robotic system, where the ‎conventional manual and destructive methods of RS ‎measurement are not applicable for high throughput and ‎automated production lines.‎
Short titleRobotic‎ Residual Stress Measurement ‎
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/26


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