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This top-up funding for the Synergy Project, will result in a detailed and feasible strategic model, proposing the optimum path to ACM’s goals, including core activities, resources required, key recommended partnerships, staged steps to achieving this goals, and the scale of each such step.

The project will lead to a novel combination of (social enterprise) services, by facilitating the partner company in the development of an implementable and feasible template for their growth, permitting ACM to plan, source funding, co-ordinate resources, and grow in an effective and novel fashion. ACM aims to make a substantive and measurable impact on North Ayrshire’s long-term socio-economic deprivation, by creating jobs, enhancing digital and craft skills (and hence employability), and supporting the development of other creative and social entrepreneurship.

Without a detailed and rigorous analysis of actual demand for these planned services, such impact cannot be maximised, nor can the optimum market-facing constellation of services be calculated.
Effective start/end date23/03/1529/06/15


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