Research to identify if changes to guidance in standard 3.14 ventilation in 2015 have been effective in improving ventilation and indoor air quality

Project: Consultancy by University

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The 2015 regulations required all new dwellings to have CO2 monitors installed to alert the occupants to poor indoor air quality that would encourage them to open windows and provide purge ventilation.

Layman's description

Modern dwellings have tight construction and can therefore suffer form poor indoor air quality due to lack of ventilation. This research attempted to identify whether installing CO2 monitors change the behaviour of the occupants.

Key findings

The initiative has had limited success. The majority of private sector dwellings had no monitors installed and the majority of the public sector/ housing association occupants had not received guidance as to what the purpose of the monitor.
Effective start/end date1/07/211/03/23


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