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I have installed more than 30 indoor environmental monitors to monitor conference venues during the PROTECT symposium in London, collaborating with an HSE study that utilised Bluetooth
devices in May 2022. Two methods were employed in this study. First, indoor CO2 concentration was measured at a high resolution before, during, and after the conference. Occupancy data for three rooms within the conference venue were then used to assess the ventilation and air change rates in those specific rooms. This approach facilitated the correlation of occupancy data with CO2 results to evaluate the transmission risk of COVID-19. I am currently leading the writing of the manuscript for a journal paper in collaboration with the HSE. The report will be presented at the host conference venue, Holiday Inn, complying with a request from the building manager. This presentation aims to assist the venue in enhancing ventilation at its locations throughout England
Effective start/end date5/05/225/05/22


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