REMOTE - RuggEd Micro-ECDL technology for cOld a Tom applications in spacE

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"The outcome of the project is to develop an optimised 780 nm micro extended cavity diode laser (micro-ECDL), which has a linewidth 100 kHz and output power in excess of 100 mW. The micro-ECDL module will be compact, rugged and low power consumption, making it suitable for a wide range of quantum technology applications relying on laser cooled Rb atoms. This includes compact, portable and low-power consuming atomic microwave clocks, accelerometers and rotation sensors both for terrestrial field applications and in space (e.g. low-Earth orbits). Additionally, the lasers will be a component in a growing plug-and-play component pool available for the quantum technology research and development labs.
The micro-ECDL module will be developed specifically for laser cooling of Rb and hence serves a substantial fraction of both the research market and the expected early commercial applications. However, it is a generic technology, that readily can be adapted to e.g. other alkali metal systems, where appropriate semiconductor gain media are available.
Within this project custom feedback servo loop locking electronics will also be developed, which will be designed and optimised with the particular end applications in mind."


REMOTE - RuggEd Micro-ECDL technology for cOld a Tom applications in spacE
Effective start/end date1/05/1730/04/19


  • Innovate UK: £26,325.00


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