Reinforced Concrete Condition Assessment in Heritage Buildings: Lion Chambers in Glasgow (UK) and Duni Theatre in Matera (Italy)

  • Guida, Antonella (Principal Investigator)
  • Dimitrijevic, Branka (Co-investigator)
  • Pagliuca, Antonello (Research Co-investigator)

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Project Details


The research objective was to provide new information on the compressive strength of reinforced concrete structures of two prominent examples of modern architecture by using innovative, non-invasive testing techniques. The first one is Lion Chambers in Glasgow, designed by the architects Salmon, Son and Gillespie and completed in 1907. The second one is Duni Theatre in Matera (Southern Italy), designed by the architect Ettore Stella and completed in 1946.

The research methodology included (a) the context in which the buildings were designed, (b) their history, (c) building technologies used, (d) non-invasive testing of the reinforced concrete structures, (e) the analysis of the test results and (f) the conclusions.

Layman's description

History of the design, construction, use, current condition and potential sustainable refurbishment of the Lion Chambers in Glasgow was focus of my part of a collaborative project with two academics from the University of Basilicata in Italy.

Key findings

The research established that the causes of deterioration of the Lion Chambers are the lack of water-proofing in the building basement and the lack of thermal insulation on the external walls and roof surfaces. A potential for the application of a range of innovative solutions for sustainable refurbishment of the Lion Chambers has been described. The non-invasive testing of the reinforced concrete columns indicated that the structure can support the loads of housing or similar functions.


The research was funded within the scope of the International Collaboration Project “Call for Ideas” – Internationalisation Programmes – Indicator D.4 Projects aiming to consolidate and/or initiate joint research projects and exchange of students and lecturers (Chapter I.06.41/011 “Co-finance of International Co-operation Programmes” provided from the first Triennial Programme for the Region of Basilicata/University 2007/2009).
Effective start/end date1/02/1130/06/11


  • Modern Movement
  • reinforced concrete
  • condition assessment
  • sustainable refurbishment
  • Lion Chambers
  • Glasgow


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