Rehabilitation through dynamic visualisations of movement

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The Envisage IAA project is to support and enhance the dissemination and outreach activities of LLHW MRC Envisage multidisciplinary research grant . This will be achieved through public talks, schools outreach, showcase events with health professionals and permanent interactive displays (with Glasgow Science Centre) the aim is to maximize the impact of the Envisage research project on the Scottish and UK population and on the key stakeholders in the Scottish and UK NHS.

Key findings

Activities Funded

Impact development fund was used to extend part-time contract of Impact Champion Lucy Jones for 4 months (July to October 2013) to allow her to maximise the impact of the Envisage research project through a variety of engagement activities. Objectives:

1) Enhance our current contribution to the Bodyworks Exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre

2) Provide a theme of “Visualising Biomechanics” for the primary schools engagement activities, working with the assigned school on the topic and supporting the topic presentation at the University Research Day

3) Make 10+ visits to relevant NHS sites in Scotland to demonstrate the outcome and potential impact of the envisage technology for use in rehabilitation therapy

4) Implement our communications exit strategy for dissemination including articles to press, media, professional and trade journals.

Project Update

Although funding started in July, activities were started in earlier in 2013. Update on engagement/impact activities (as stated in objectives):

• Objective 1, Bodyworks Research Capsule - contributed to the 'Bionic Body' research capsule permanent display at the Glasgow Science Centre. Impact: Up to 370,000 people visit annually. Increased stakeholder engagement.

• Objective 2, University Research Day - took part in the University Research Day schools engagement activity. Three school visits were undetaken to talk to the theme - 'Biomechanics- understanding human movement' with the envisage project used to showcase this. Children then made posters about the project and the winning group attended a research day at the university. Then on URD itself I had a 'Meet the Expert' Stand where I gave a 15 min talk to give to 10 different school groups on the research. Impact: This was well received and children interacted well, both answering and asking lots of questions. Increased stakeholder engagement.

Update on additional engagement/dissemination activities:

• Meet the Expert - During the Easter Holidays organised a Meet the Expert session at the Glasgow Science Centre, desgined to enthuse and inspire children to be interested in science, engineering and technology by telling them about our multidisciplinary research project. Impact: Engaged with 125 children over the 3 hour session.

• Big Bang Scotland Workshop - designed and delivered (with envisage team) an interactive workshop called Capturing Bodies in Motion to 250+ secondary school pupils as part of the Big Bang Scotland Fair. Children engaged in the activity and asked many questions. Impact: Feedback from the children and post-event from the organisers was very positive.

• BBC news report - Worked with BBC Scotland to produce news report - Innovative design is helping stroke patients - highlighting the work of the stroke rehabilitation projects. Impact: Report was broadcast on TV, radio and website

• Article for Healthworks Collective - contributed to article on the envisage project for their the patient-centred healthcare website. The article was titled Person-Centered HealthCare: Envisage Visual Rehab Project Promotes Independence. Impact: Increased international dissemination/exposure

• Scottish Stroke Research Network news report - Following the BBC news report on the project, approached by the SSRN to contribute to a short piece to highlight the project. Impact: Increased exposure of project to Scottish wide stroke community

• Article in CSO e-Bulletin - Following on from our BBC news report, CSO picked up the story and asked to included a piece on the project in their monthly e-Bulletin. Impact: Exposure to Scottish wide healthcare research community

• Case-study for Engage! - prepared a case-study on the envisage project, as part of the 'Research impact and public engagement' RDP module. A 25 min talk was given to 30 PhD and post docs. Impact: Good feedback received from organisers and attendees. Was told that practical tips offered were taken forward by attendees for there own engagement activities. Imparted knowledge onto students.

• Envisage Satellite event at ESMAC 2013 - 60+ attended (European wide audience) our final 2 day event I organised to disseminate the findings of the envisage project. This was held as part of ESMAC European conference hosted by the University of Strathclyde. The theme of this event was Visualisation in Rehabilitation and was a mixture of talks from the Envisage team, focussing on our results, and the findings of external groups working in related fields. The event concluded with a half day discussion on ways to move the research forward. Impact: Exposure to European wide audience.

• ESMAC 2013 Conference - I had a central role in the organisation and delivery of the European Society of Movement Analysis in Adults and Children (ESMAC) 2013 conference which was attended by 400 people internationally and 14 exhibitors. Furthermore I gained an oral presentations to disseminate the findings of the project on an international stage. Impact: Enhanced the reputation of the biomechanics, movement science and rehabilitation work of the department on a European and international scale. Disseminate research to the wider international audience.

• Physiotherapy Research Society Annual meeting - Gave talk at their annual meeting on my research within the envisage project. Impact: Disseminate research to the wider UK health professional audience.

• CMAS 2013 conference - Helped with the delivery of this UK conference, attended by 80+ academics and healthcare professionals from across UK. Also gave oral presentation on my research within envisage project. Impact: Disseminate research to the wider UK health professional audience. Enhance reputation of department and university.

Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/15


  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council): £10,000.00


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