Reconceptualising Initial Teacher Education partnership: collaboration between the Celtic Fringe and Nordic Region

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Across the Nordic region, Scotland and Ireland, ITE is located in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in partnership with schools. Much partnership discussion centres on alleviating tensions such as time, resources or approach and the ways in which organisations can come together to fashion an ITE curriculum that prepares future teachers well.

This research will develop ITE partnership beyond that currently articulated in ITE programmes and publications. Four members of the Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) will develop a new partnership heuristic. This heuristic will be shared at international conferences held by SERA, the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) and the Education Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI). In addition to the feedback gleaned from conference attendees, the project will elicit feedback from other members of SERA, NERA and ESAI via an anonymous, online forum hosted on the SERA website. All feedback will then be collated and discussed at a meeting of members of SERA, NERA and ESAI. A further draft will be produced and discussed between the meeting attendees, via electronic means. Subsequently, a final, professionally reproduced document will be published on the SERA, NERA and ESAI websites, thus amplifying alternatives to traditional notions of partnership. The project further assists in the development of the already close relationships SERA, NERA and ESAI have through their memoranda of understanding.

The research will advance ITE through the promotion of a new model for partnership working. As partnership is informed by a range of education studies underpinning disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, the members of the project team, as well as members of the meeting, will all bring different disciplinary perspectives to bear on the process and the outcome. The research presents an original idea and suggests new solutions to the real world problem of ITE partnership.

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This project seeks to bring together teacher educators from across the Nordic Region and the Celtic Fringe to explore new mechnaisms for partnership working in Initial Teacher Education.
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