QuDOS: Quantum technologies using Diffractive Optical Structures

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"The project will develop a compact and simplified apparatus for the preparation of cold atomic samples. Conventionally, a
multiple beam geometry is required to laser cool and trap atoms and, with this, comes a corresponding overhead of optical
components within a mechanical framework. Here, we propose to use a novel approach in which all the beams required for
cooling and trapping are generated by a single beam reflected from a grating chip. The technique has wide relevance to
quantum technologies as it forms the primary stage for all atomic sensing devices including gravimeters, inertial sensors
and clocks. The project brings the academic excellence of the University of Strathclyde together with the industrial knowhow
of M Squared Lasers to exploit this world-leading innovation from the UK's research base. We will take it closer to
commercialisation by commissioning a chip trap within an industrial environment, enhancing the technique and
demonstrating measurement capability."
Effective start/end date1/04/1531/03/16


  • Technology Strategy Board TSB: £93,055.00


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