Quantum Experiments in Space using CubeSats

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Effective start/end date1/10/10 → …


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  • Advances in space quantum communications

    Sidhu, J. S., Joshi, S. K., Gündoğan, M., Brougham, T., Lowndes, D., Mazzarella, L., Krutzik, M., Mohapatra, S., Dequal, D., Vallone, G., Villoresi, P., Ling, A., Jennewein, T., Mohageg, M., Rarity, J. G., Fuentes, I., Pirandola, S. & Oi, D. K. L., 19 Jul 2021, In: IET Quantum Communication. 2, 4, p. 182-217 36 p.

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  • CubeSat quantum communications mission

    Oi, D. KL., Ling, A., Vallone, G., Villoresi, P., Greenland, S., Kerr, E., Macdonald, M., Weinfurter, H., Kuiper, H., Charbon, E. & Ursin, R., 17 Apr 2017, In: EPJ Quantum Technology. 4, 20 p., 6.

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  • Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missions

    Bedington, R., Bai, X., Truong-Cao, E., Tan, Y. C., Durak, K., Villar Zafra, A., Grieve, J. A., Oi, D. KL. & Ling, A., 18 Oct 2016, In: EPJ Quantum Technology. 3, 12.

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