Process Modelling and microstructural characterisation of Ring Rolling

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Technical reports:
1. ‘AFRC_TRP972_ AFRC_DIRF_1118 Paike Process Modelling of Ring Rolling: D1.1 Report Feedback On Baseline Process Routes’
2. ‘AFRC_DAT1038_DIRF1118 – D2.1 Compression test data of Ti64 at elevated temperatures’
3. ‘AFRC_DAT1112_DIRF1118 – D2.1 Compression test data of Waspaloy at elevated temperatures’
4. ‘AFRC_PRS1259_DIRF1118 – D2.2 Microstructure evolution of Waspaloy during hot compression’
Short titleAFRC DIRF 1118
Effective start/end date1/09/1830/08/19


  • Waspaloy
  • Ti-64


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