Power and Communications Emulator for EV Charging Testing

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Capital Equipment)

Project Details


The PNDC procured a test device to emulate electric vehicle loads and EV supply equipment. The device is capable of emulating common communication and control protocols and data, and also provides a means of exchanging electrical power flows with test devices. The device is deployed alongside the PNDC’s existing power network assets and be used in a variety of future R&D and test projects, including smart charging studies, integration and compliance testing, V2G/V2X. The system supports the most common industry charging standards and is capable of future upgrades as updates occurs and new standards emerge.

Layman's description

A device that can emulate the power and communications from electric vehicles and EV charge points
Short titleEV Emulator
Effective start/end date1/12/2131/03/22


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