Norther Isles New Energy Solutions Project

  • Gill, Simon (Researcher)

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The electricity network in the Shetland Islands is not connected to that of the rest of GB. Whilst Shetland has one of the best wind resources in Europe, connection of wind turbines to the Shetland network has not been allowed because of stability issues associated with the network's small size.

The NINES project uses innovative network management techniques, flexible and frequency responsive demand and energy storage in the form of a large chemical battery to allow more renewable generators to connect. It aims to significantly reduce Shetlands reliance on diesel for electricity generation and make greater use of the renewable resource.

University of Strathclyde has undertaken a range of engineering, economic and risk analysis to inform the development of NINES.

My role has been to develop stability rules which identify the level of wind generation that is commensurate with system stability for the full range of operating conditions, propose stability and analysis the effect these will have on the capacity of generation that may connect, and the reduction in diesel generation required.
Short titleNINES
Effective start/end date1/01/1230/06/15


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