NHS GG&C Acute Pharmacy Redesign

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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are in the midst of a major pharmacy redesign program which aims to maximise the application of technology within the medicines supply chain and release staff to deliver improved patient care through the Making the Most of My Medicines (MMyM) service.

In particular, the study focused on the implementation of a new approach to in-patient medicines management, designed by the PPSU. This approach takes the form of a robotic pharmacy distribution system, installed in a newly-built, centrally-located Pharmacy Distribution Centre (PDC). The original study was conducted January to September 2010.

The aims of the study were, first, to develop a suitable metrics framework for the new pharmacy distribution system and, second, to capture the organisational learning gained from the initial implementation phase of the PDC. However, as the project progressed it became clear that the primary focus would be on capturing organisational learning and providing expert advice to support implementation before a more effective performance measurement framework could be designed.
Effective start/end date1/01/1030/09/10


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