MOEA/D-PPR: Path Planning of Robots in Complex Environments via the Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition

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With industry 4.0 upgrading many sectors such as manufacturing and oil & gas industry through intelligence and autonomy for their sustainable development towards green and net-zero ambitions, robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) have received increasing interests and applications where complex and harsh environments may cause significant issues. Among them, health, safety and environmental concerns are the key drivers for deployment of RAS technology to control, grasp, manipulate, inspect key objects (such as wind turbines/blades, gearboxes etc.). Therefore, novel and efficient path planning algorithm is highly sought in ensuring robots to accompany their tasks optimally with challenging and sometime conflicting objectives under strict requirements/constraints caused by complex environments.


The Royal Society, £12,000.00
Short titleMOEA/D-PPR
Effective start/end date31/03/2230/03/24


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