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Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

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A variety of research-informed content for use across projects including, but not limited to: a programme for collaborative play; 8 months of digital play provision for STEP - Providing Flexible Learning for Travelling Communities; Bronfenbrenner’s 5 Levels of Planning; Play-based Assessment Techniques; 12-Step Model for Observation; a Cycle for High Quality Learning Experiences; A Spectrum of Support for Extending Play; Considerations, Calculations & Corrections for Documenting Play; Children’s Voice (in 4 parts); Observation Flowchart; A Child’s Train of Thought; 12 Types of Innovative Documentation; 8 Steps of Documentation; The Story of Play (6 components); A Journey Into Play; Being Me in Practice: Me as an Individual, Me & My Environment, Me & My Surrounding Culture; Pearls of Play Wisdom; Sharing the Ambition; a Continuum of Play; Multi-Composite Play; Self-Regulation; Autonomy; Play on a Shoestring Budget.

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Designed and created models to support all aspects of training
StatusNot started


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