Mobile Applications and the Customer Experience

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Mobile applications (apps) continue to emerge as a powerful and
ubiquitous service delivery channel enabling retailers to offer consumers
a variety of products and services on the go. The rapid advancement of mobile technology and the subsequent service innovation deriving from it is causing consumer behaviour to evolve in terms of how consumers interact and utilise service delivery channels that are accessible to consumers anytime, anywhere. The number of smartphone users is expected to continuously grow with 5.5 billion people expected to be using smartphone devices by 2022, while at the same time, consumers' willingness to use mobile commerce (m-commerce) is witnessing rapid growth beyond expectations.This project aims to examine the customer experience in relation to retailers' m-commerce mobile applications. The research aims to understand the variables capable of influencing the customer experience during use of retailers' m-commerce mobile applications, resulting in the development of a Mobile Application Customer Experience Model (MACE).
Effective start/end date1/11/168/01/18


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