Mainstreaming Innovation

  • Dimitrijevic, Branka (Principal Investigator)
  • Cockroft, Jeremy (Principal Investigator)
  • Sharpe, Tim (Co-investigator)
  • Russell, Charles (Co-investigator)
  • Muneer, Tariq (Co-investigator)
  • Heal, Kate (Co-investigator)
  • Banfill, Phil (Co-investigator)
  • Moore, David (Co-investigator)
  • Imbabi, Mohammed (Co-investigator)
  • Blackwood, David (Co-investigator)

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Project Details


Mainstreaming Innovation was a one-year (01/04/2013-31/03/2014) project of nine Scottish universities, led by Glasgow Caledonian University, which aimed to reduce carbon emissions by supporting academic/industry collaboration in testing innovations for the integration of sustainable infrastructure into the existing built environment (e.g. housing, education, healthcare and other building estates). Other partners were the University of Strathclyde, Edinburgh Napier University, Glasgow School of Art, Heriot-Watt University, Robert Gordon University, University of Aberdeen, University of Abertay Dundee and University of Edinburgh.
By the end of March 2013 the project had 901 members. Along with the members from Scotland and the rest of the UK, the project has attracted members from 30 countries: Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and USA.

Layman's description

The project supported feasibility studies and provided knowledge exchange through online webinars and quarterly online magazine.

Key findings

As the one-year project attracted 901 members nationally and internationally, it provides evidence of the importance of the topic for researchers and industry. Video recordings of 18 webinars delivered during the project remain available on the project website.


The grant of £236.660,00 was awarded by Scottish Government for Mainstreaming Innovation project from 1st April 2013 until 31st March 2014
Effective start/end date1/04/1331/03/14


  • sustainable infrastructure
  • built environment
  • academic and industry collaboration
  • Scotland