Linear Bore Frac Pump Feasibility Study

  • Gorash, Yevgen (Researcher)
  • Nicholls, William (Researcher)
  • Manson, David (Administrator)
  • Corney, Jonathan (Principal Investigator)
  • Davies, Bruce (Academic)

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details


Principal objective is to investigate the feasibility of a design proposed as an alternative to the established layout of hydraulic fracturing pumps made by WeirSPM. Known as the "linear bore" pump its design is motivated by a desire to eliminant the highly stressed areas around the intersection of the cross bores found in current design. In addition to its functionality the economics of its manufacturing and maintenance were also considered.

Key findings

The analysis has demonstrated that the linear pump concept is viable in terms of
its strength and hydraulic properties. Essentially its performance (i.e. P-V curve and fatigue life) could be broadly comparable to the current designs but significantly improved ease of maintenance and decreased manufacturing cost. The linear pump is credible design although the design and performance of the plungers inlet ports needs further investigation to establish the viability.
Short titleLinear Bore Frac Pump
Effective start/end date1/01/1330/06/13


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