Leverhulme Early Career Grant: Rethinking Education: Young Migrants, Citizenship and Inclusive Communities

  • Lovin, Carmen-Laura (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research Fellowship

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The project raises questions about the normative vectors that aim to educate for national citizenship in contemporary times characterized by a resurgence in nationalist feelings that run simultaneously with the dislocation and the transnationalization of the lives of more and more people.

Layman's description

Migration changes the pattern of the fabric of many countries. In Britain, increased diversity has become central to dialogues about citizenship rights and responsibilities, social justice and community inclusion, as they emerged during the Brexit campaigns and negotiations as well as during the ongoing efforts for Syrian refugee relocation. The Eastern European labor migrant and the Syrian refugee were featured prominently in such dialogues and debates. This project focuses on educational policies targeting immigrant youth and the educational experiences of young immigrants from Eastern Europe and refugees from Syria upon their arrival in Glasgow, at a geopolitical juncture, which is still being defined by Brexit negotiations, refugee humanitarianism, and politics of securitization. The project aims to deepen the understanding of the processes through which immigrant youth from Eastern Europe and refugee youth from Syria are gendered and racialized, through educational policy discourse, within educational contexts, and in everyday interactions governed by the logics of everyday nationalism, lack of understanding of migration history and policies, stereotypical views on national values, and racist and colonial mindsets.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/21


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