KTA - Sensors and Asset Management Theme Development

Project: Internally funded project

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The vision is to create within the TIC a sensors and asset management research and knowledge exchange hub, built on the foundation of the high capacity of electronics, electro-magnetics, acoustics, MEMS and optical sensor systems expertise available within Strathclyde, with a view to implementing an integrated system design approach to meet industry requirements for complete solutions. This Sensors Hub initiative is intended to pool the strong sensors based research excellence prevalent within the University, addressing issues ranging from sensor development, sensor interfacing and deployment, data acquisition, communications, signal processing, energy scavenging and decision / management support. The overall ambition is to establish a world leading Centre of Excellence in Sensors and Asset Management with significant industrial pull from across the utilities, environment, energy, security, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and defence sectors.
AcronymKTA- SAM
Effective start/end date1/06/1130/09/12


  • sensors and asset management


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