KTA - Research Exploitation Partnerships for Knowledge Transfer Escalation in Synthetic, Medicinal, Process, and Analytical Chemistry with External Collaborator.

Project: Internally funded project

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The research will all be aligned to key pursuits within the Industry Partners Chemistry functions and, specifically, Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, Process Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry. In summary, the nature of the project will include: (i) the transfer of specific knowledge and technologies in preparative chemistry, catalysis, reaction mechanism, and analytical chemistry from the Strathclyde labs to the partner; (ii) the communication of approaches taken in the development of methodologies and techniques within the academic setting and how this can inform and influence research within (a) the synthetic component of drug discovery programmes, and (b) analysis as related to process chemistry and chemical engineering; (iii) for the REP researchers to be engaged on specific drug discovery and development programmes, leading to exposure to a broad range of techniques within this pharmaceutical setting; this would include: (a) drug design; (b) medicinal chemistry and the related (chemical) biology; (c) array chemistry; (d) flow reaction techniques; (e) diversity-oriented synthesis; (f) high-throughput screening; (g) reaction scale-up; (h) process chemistry and pilot plant activities; (i) on-line analytical techniques; (j) process control and optimisation; and (k) project management within such an industrial setting; and (iv) the transfer of specific knowledge, technologies, approaches, and insight from the broad range of research endeavours.
Effective start/end date1/11/1130/09/12


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