KTA - Market study to assess commercial potential of impulse plasma pipe cleaning technology

Project: Internally funded project

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Scaling of pipes, when the inner walls can become fouled with chemical deposits, is a common problem for refineries, chemical plants and power plants. Conventional techniques for cleaning the scale, show partial success but do not generally succeed in removing all of the scaling from pipes. An exciting technology developed at the University of Strathclyde circumvents these problems by utilising impulse plasma discharges, resulting in clear pipes with no deposits. This impulse plasma technology was originally proposed by the applicants for miniature-hole drilling though rocks for oil and gas exploration, sub-surface data acquisition, brownfield development, mineral mining, water boring and relies on the use of the energy of impulse plasma discharges which are formed inside the in the bulk of the rock formation. During initial studies carried out by the applicants it has been successfully demonstrated that clean holes can be cut by plasma channels in sandstone. Now it is proposed that this technology could be used for scale removal by application of plasma discharges inside partially or completely blocked pipes.
Effective start/end date1/04/116/04/11


  • Power and Energy


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