KTA - Magnetostrictive Energy Harvesting

  • Judd, Martin (Principal Investigator)

Project: Internally funded project

Project Details


The project will initiate a formal working relationship with a company whose core technologies are based on the application of magnetostrictive materials. While piezoelectric materials have received widespread attention, the analogous magnetostrictive effect has untapped potential for EH in industrial applications. Magnetostrictive materials are more robust than piezoelectric materials with ability to work at higher loads so are more suited to industrial applications. However, the design of these devices is generally more complex than piezoelectric devices so EH using these materials has so far been limited to basic design concepts. Our partner have considerable expertise in design and production of large scale and small scale magnetostrictive devices that are optimised to gain the maximum potential from these materials so are ideally suited to work with Strathclyde in evaluating the technology through a combination of the skills and expertise of both partners.
Effective start/end date2/01/122/07/12


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