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Bionanotechnology is the invention, manipulation and exploitation of nanoscale structures based on biological interactions with a focus on healthcare applications, most notably diagnostics, molecular biomaterials, regenerative medicine and improvements to drugs either by delivery or target elucidation. Bionanotechnology @ Strathclyde is focused on the molecular control over such processes and systems and will bring together researchers in the physical and life sciences with those in engineering and health related disciplines. Bionano @ Strathclyde’s mission is to produce world-leading innovation in research which attracts end-user interest and investment in bringing their research and technological issues to the grouping to make use of the expertise to advance the translation of research into benefits for mankind. We see the main applications in areas such as biosensors, functional materials and self-assembled nanostructures.
Effective start/end date1/06/1130/09/12


  • Bionanotechnology


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