KTA - Biomolecular Gels for Regenerative Medicine

Project: Internally funded project

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Stem cell technologies are predicted to have an enormous impact on 21st century health care. The development of designed materials for stem cell engineering has reached a critical juncture whereby the external cues that influence and instruct stem cells are increasingly understood in terms of chemistry, stiffness and topography. It is, however, still a major challenge to symmetrically expand stem cells, while retaining multipotency, and control directed differentiation on-demand. We have recently focused on developing simple, cheap, yet functional peptide materials for 3D cell culture, which can be formulated to direct stem cell differentation. These materials have so far been developed and optimized with in vitro culture in mind, and they are currently undergoing trials locally and in the United States.
Effective start/end date1/02/1130/09/12


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