KTA - A Bespoke MPhil in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry for the Pharamceuticals Sector

Project: Internally funded project

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A bespoke research degree programme, has been designed to allow employees of the partner company develop novel research approaches towards new treatments and, in so doing, further their careers in the pharmaceutical sector. The collaboration has created an MPhil programme in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, exclusively for partner staff, which will offer chemists the opportunity to have their daily research efforts contribute to the MPhil qualification whilst they benefit from training and research inputs from University academic staff; offering a pathway for mutual knowledge exchange. In the KTA bid, funds are set aside for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Training (KIT), intended to develop the academic community whilst engaging company personnel. This opportunity is an exemplar case study of strengthening a strategic relationship via work place learning and, specifically, towards a Masters by Research degree (MPhil). Embedded within this arrangement are knowledge pathways via work place research projects supervised by academic and company staff; in effect a series of ‘mini KE engagements’ with a declared longer term aim of the company to enable personnel to engage more proactively in research and knowledge exchange with the University. The programme has demonstrable roots in substantial EPSRC grant funded research and so meets this requirement in terms of KTA research exploitation.
Effective start/end date1/06/1030/09/12


  • Bionanotechnology


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