Knowledge Exchange Development Fund - "Development of a pre-design analysis tool for future aircraft" (£20k)

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details


This activity aimed to exploit the high levels of accumulated knowledge regarding sizes and efficiencies of aero-electrical power systems to develop a generic (non-manufacturer or air framer specific) integrated pre-design analysis tool for more electric aircraft, which returns the weight and efficiency of an aero-electrical system. Since publishing five collaborative papers based on a similar tool developed for all-electric aircraft with Rolls-Royce via the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Electrical Power Systems, it has become apparent that there is a very strong pull from industry for a similar tool for a more-electric aircraft.

Layman's description

A project to develop a generic tool for weight and efficiency sizing of electrical power systems for more-electric aircraft, for use in future KE activity with industrial partners. As the development of this tool was funded by the KE Development Fund, rather than a specific industrial partner, the tool developed is not bound to any particular industrial partner, and can be adapted in the future to include technologies specific to particular industrial collaborators if required.

Key findings

Developed a pre-design appraisal tool for MEA.
Effective start/end date3/08/1530/04/16


  • More-electric aircraft
  • electrical power systems
  • pre-design analysis


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