Investigation of maleic-d2 acid isomerization at high pressure

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We will use central facilities time (ISIS neutron and muon facility) to study the conversion of maleic to fumaric acid under high pressure and temperature conditions. Experiments performed in-house show that temperature of pressure alone do not significantly influence the conversion of maleic to fumaric acid; however, the combination of both does result in successful conversion. Neutron experiments will elucidate the conversion in-situ, as it progresses, and allow us to identify ciritcal conditions of temperature and pressure to cause this conversion.


4 days of beamtime at ISIS on the PEARL instrument following a competitive peer-review process
Effective start/end date26/09/19 → …


  • large volume press
  • pressure
  • isomerization
  • maleic
  • fumaric
  • neutron diffraction
  • high-pressure


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