Intelligent Collaborative Robotic Manipulation for Advanced Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

  • Yang, Erfu (Principal Investigator)
  • Post, Mark (Co-investigator)

Project: Research - Studentship

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With Industry 4.0 being currently widely acknowledged as a key driver of industrial advancement, a strong technologic shift has become apparent within industry to move towards both, more intelligence and more autonomy. The fundamental understanding of the strategic application of Industry 4.0 knowledge into practical smart robotic automation is essential to efficiently implement Industry 4.0 in the real world applications, especially for advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing.
Though industrial robots have been widely applied in many sectors including manufacturing and remanufacturing, they are currently facing many emerging challenges arising from (re)manufacturing processes which will have to increasingly deal with the presence of uncertainty, variations caused by the highly customised production, dynamic interactions of humans/other machines including other robots and the need for greater flexibility and intelligence in (re)manufacturing systems. Collaborative concepts in robot-robot and human-robot interaction tend to provide a viable solution to solving these challenges

Layman's description

The aim of this project is to enable holistic control of collaborative robots in complex (re)manufacturing environments such that safety and interaction of nearby humans/operators can be maintained. At the same time, the efficiency and flexibility of the (re)manufacturing process is also achieved when process variations or environmental changes occur in advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing. The main objectives include:
• A review of the state of the art in collaborative robotics.
• Identification of novel concepts and algorithms for intelligent control , motion planning , and machine learning.
• Development and testing of prototype sensing, planning, and control system on collaborative robotic system for the advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing environments.
• Validation of proposed system in an industrial application e.g. collaborative pick & placement, assembly and disassembly operations in both manufacturing and remanufacturing systems.


This is the NTU-Strathclyde joint PhD studentship project for 3 years. £59,511.00
Effective start/end date1/10/1830/09/21


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