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This course is designed for eCommerce managers of £1 million+ online businesses.
The course is 8 days long. Each day combines:
● Keynote Addresses
● Lectures
● Interactive Sessions
● Networking Sessions (usually combined with catering function)
Keynote Addresses involve third party specialists who provide talks that fit the theme of the day.
Lectures are usually instructional ‘how-to’ sessions. These provide precise recipes and instructions to complete key eCommerce tasks along with live tool demonstrations. These are technically-focussed sessions based on slide decks.
Interactive Sessions take a broader remit than lectures and cover topics where they may be less of a consensus around approaches, techniques and implementations. Interactive sessions are led by moderators along with slide decks. Slides will be interspersed with interactive feedback questionnaires so that the class is able to provide immediate feedback that becomes visible to everyone in the group.
Networking Sessions are mostly peer-to-peer during which instructors mingle with the group to answer specific topics and help lead discussion. Lectures and Interactive sessions will include references for further reading.

The group will be of mixed ability. An objective will be to ensure that, irrespective of ability, cohorts will be able to take away a series of actionable items before reconvening for the next day.

Funding by Scottish Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland - £49,500
Short titleeCommerce Scale-up
StatusNot started


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