Innovation in industrial design education and educational processes in relation to designing, managing and monitoring information and document systems for teaching

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

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Defining, designing and developing methodologies and tools for cataloguing, indexing and representing audiovisual digital resources for industrial design research and education.

Key findings

Definition, design and development of the DesignNet online system; Organisation of an international seminar; Innocenti 2001; Innocenti 2002; Ciuccarelli, Innocenti 2002; Boghetich, Ciuccarelli, Innocenti, Vidari 2002; Boghetich, Ciuccarelli, Innocenti, Vidari 2002; Innocenti 2003; Innocenti 2004; Innocenti 2005 ; Ciucccarelli, Innocenti 2004.
Effective start/end date1/08/0131/03/04


  • Industrial design
  • information management
  • research
  • teaching
  • innovation
  • assessment
  • cataloguing
  • indexing
  • audiovisual resources
  • World Wide Web
  • Italy
  • university


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