IBCVET - International Benchmarking on CVET - 4 European Regions

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus+)

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The project aims to:
Diagnose the CVET issues in ship building and repair sector of 4 European regions (Portugal, Bretagne-France, Galicia-Spain, Malta).
Strengthen the cooperation between public authorities and social partners on the CVET organization.
Enhance access to training and CVET provision quality.
Propose policy solutions for the promotion of adults’ participation in continuing education, particularly in the Blue Economy and in the shipbuilding sector.

Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional, I.P. (Portugal)
AI Navais - Associação das Indústrias Navais (Portugal)
MAGELLAN (Portugal)
Bretagne Pole Naval (France)
Maison de l’emploi et de la formation professionnelle pays de Brest (France)
ACLUNAGA-Asociacion Cluster del Naval Gallego (Spain)


International Benchmarking on Continuous Vocational Education and Training (IB-CVET) Project
Effective start/end date1/11/151/11/17


  • European Commission - Other: £15,312.48


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