High Power MM And Sub-MM Wave Amplifiers For High Frequency ESR/DNP, High Resolution Radar and Remote Sensing

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To research, high-power, broadband, W-band, millimetre-wave, 90-100GHz, novel helical waveguide gyro-amplifiers and gyro-BWOs. To build the foundations also for extending these sources to even higher frequencies and eventually into the sub-millimetre wavelength range.

Layman's description

A novel form of high-power amplifier was operated in the microwave range for
the first time in the world by Strathclyde University some years ago. The present research project builds upon the fundamental physical principles demonstrated
in that earlier work to research the feasibility of higher frequency high power sources. There are several important application areas including biomedical research and weather radars where such sources are expected to have high impact.

Key findings

A high-power, W-band, millimetre-wave, 90-100GHz, novel helical waveguide tunable gyro-BWO has been designed, constructed and has been successfully operated. The corresponding gyro-amplifier has been designed and is under construction and measurement with the prospect of successful operation during 2013. The foundations have also been laid for further extension of these sources to even higher operating frequencies. Follow-on research projects involving applications of these novel sources in biomedical research and weather radars is starting.
Effective start/end date1/04/0931/03/13


  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council): £786,096.00


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