Hard metal seat ball valve

  • Pruncu, Catalin (Researcher)

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

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Develop a new design for metal seat ball valve assemblies for Nuclear and Marine industries & focus to detect and to improve the problems imposed by the surface engineering submitted to the tribological contacts (i.e. ball, seat, and ball/seat/ body of valves); to identify wear involved in the ball valve mechanisms, further on to conduct testing and failure analysis of existing valve products, undertake measurement of surface characteristics and tribological response for imposed contact combinations.

Layman's description

Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, as KTP Research Fellow, I was employed to work with IMI Truflo Marine to understand the physics of severe service tribological interaction to enable the development of a substantiated range of valves which has directly led to the development of patent protected technology, peer-reviewed research and presentations as well as demonstrations and sales interest.

Key findings

As a result of the work undertaken, IMI Truflo Marine, have embedded new knowledge within the company enabling a systematic approach to material selection and enhanced confidence in the development of new products utilising the TRIZ methodology used within the KTP. Through the KTP, IMI Truflo Marine were able to broaden their market opportunities and have enhanced their surface engineering capability, specifically in severe service settings.
Effective start/end date5/01/145/01/17


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