Global Classroom Initiative

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

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Global Classrooms is an innovative teaching appraoch that engages our students with students at one of our partner universities abroad through a range of interactive technologies.

Faculty members from any discipline incorporate a global dimension into their scheduled class and link it to a class of students at an international partner institution.

A Global Classroom is specifically designed to link students who have different cultural and geophysical perspectives and experiences. It supports through:
1. Internationalizing the curriculum
2. Providing different perspectives regarding fields of study
3. Facilitating a cross-cultural experience for students, without having to leave the classroom (let alone their home country)
4. Developing and/or expanding faculty international agendas (research & partnerships)

Layman's description

Using the internet, we get students to work together online to deliver projects and learn about each other's cultures.
Effective start/end date1/10/15 → …


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