Glasgow Project Office

  • Suau, Cristian (Principal Investigator)

Project: Knowledge Exchange

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The GPO is a University of Strathclyde (UoS) initiative sitting in the Department of Architecture (DoA), aimed at boosting DoA’s Educational, Research and Knowledge Exchange activities by enhancing staff, tutors and students’ engagement in live projects, actual construction and community involvement. DoA acknowledges that public urban, architectural and art manifestations; and active social engagement with real clients/communities and multidisciplinary actions related to the built environment are an invaluable experience for students in Architecture and Urban Design, if they are to play a significant and recognized role to serve our communities local, national and internationally in the years to come. The GPO constitutes a pioneering and leading initiative among educational centres of Architecture in Scotland. It triggers and meets opportunities of design and construction sitting in industry and society. The GPO provides research, design and enterprise incubation services in the fields of architecture, craft and design and urbanism to a range of clients, from individuals to organisations in the public, private and third sectors. It is the specific mission of the GPO to transform real design and construction opportunities into educational experiences for DoA’s students. This initiative covers KE, educational and research activities at the Department of Architecture. The Faculty has approved its business plan, risk assessments, lease agreement and funding on July 2014.
Director: Cristian Suau

Key findings

Department of Architecture, GPO business plan, Barras location
Short titleGPO
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/19


  • Glasgow City Council: £2,500.00


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