Founder of EastCHEM Conference for Early Career Reseachers

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

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Lead organizer, concept developer and fund-raiser for inter-university symposium centred on career paths and collaborations.

Led committee who provided priceless contributions to concept development, catering, funding, scheduling, promotion, and venue logistics.

Layman's description

The scientific program showcases research from postdoctoral and early-career chemists from the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, and aims to foster multidisciplinary collaborations between the institutions.

The conference consists of talks, posters, exhibitions, and two keynote lectures from early-career scientists who share their complementary paths to success in academia and industry.

Above and beyond research presentations, the meeting aims to provide a focussed platform for all early-career researchers thinking:

"What's next for my career?"

Key findings

The success of the inaugural event in 2016 has catalysed a follow up event in 2017, aiming to maintain momentum to run the event annually.

This project has also acted as a springboard for new short term collaborative projects between the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews, strengthening the EastCHEM brand.
Short titleConference Founder
StatusNot started


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