Formation and stability of U(V) during biological and abiotic reduction of uranium

  • Bots, Pieter (Principal Investigator)
  • Shaw, Samuel (Co-investigator)
  • Denecke, Melissa A. (Co-investigator)
  • Law, Gareth (Co-investigator)
  • Morris, Katherine (Co-investigator)

Project: Research

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Beamtime at the High-Brilliance X-ray Spectroscopy beamline (ID26) at ESRF, funded through ESRF.

Abstract of research proposal:
Recent studies have shown that HERFD-XANES has the potential to be used to study uranium speciation in complex environmental systems. In this study we propose to utilize HERFD-XANES to investigate U oxidation state and speciation in key abiotic and microbial biogeochemical processes, including U interaction with iron oxide minerals, and single culture microbial U reduction.
Effective start/end date20/04/1625/04/16


  • Earth and Environment
  • Uranium
  • M-edge spectroscopy
  • biogeochemistry


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